From The Heart of Worship

A quote from one of my favorite worship songs:

“In your presence I find you are all I need. In your presence I am consumed by your love for me. I have been longing for this moment!”


The sweet moments with the Lord I have experienced in worship are truly the most important moments of my life; that time in the park when the Lord spoke to me…the time I truly surrendered on Prayer Mountain…the moment I put a stake in the ground and would never turn back from pursuing God with every part of me. I miss those moments. Sometimes after the crazy day calms and I have time to listen to my thoughts I realize…I miss the Lord. See, as life gets busier and busier and we take on more responsibilities, unfortunately most of the time the one thing that gets cut out of our day or our life are those moments we just waited on the Lord. Even in a Sunday morning worship service we may get distracted by an unwelcome sound coming out of the speaker, a child making noise, or a type of song we don’t prefer and we forget that we are in the presence of the King of Kings. We “opt out” of entering into worship with all our heart because our senses are displeased. All of our attention and reverence should be pointed toward the one who loved us so much to “stop eternity” long enough for us to have this moment to enter into His presence with boldness under the blood of the Lamb. The Lord’s greatness is unsearchable! The Lord’s ability to reach into your situation and speak to your heart is not limited to the tempo, key, or volume in a worship service. His ability to reach us is limited, however, to our willingness to listen. Oh that we would pursue the Lord with abandon as the lovesick bride pursues her beloved in Song of Solomon chapter 5. Most of us are not called to live a life of solitude in seeking the Lord every day like Hannah who prayed in the temple day and night. Most of us work full time, have families and/or attend school on a daily basis. This is what the Lord has commissioned us to do. We can’t forget, however, the most important part of our life…what we were created for; communion with the Lord. We were created to worship and have that love relationship with our Savior. Let us be challenged and encouraged to pursue that relationship with the Lord. Take at least 15 minutes out of your day to just listen to the Lord and proclaim His goodness. If we want our relationship with the Lord to go to a deeper level, we must make time to know the Lord on a personal and intimate level. Leave every weight behind at the foot of the cross. We have the privilege of walking into church on Sunday with expectation and longing for the Lord to change us! Let’s move into the goodness that the Lord has prepared for us. …Crossroads Worship Team crossroads worship