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We are excited about the launch of our new Crossroads app because it is going to add a whole new dimension of connectedness to our congregation and friends of COTC around the world. With just a couple of taps on your smartphone or tablet you can be…

  • connecting to Crossroads social media
  • reading the pastor’s blog or a devotional link,
  • listening to a Crossroads podcast o
  • accessing information or updates on Crossroads ministry
  • perusing photo and video galleries
  • keeping tabs with upcoming special events
  • reading the Bible or using study tools
  • and giving online!

And if that weren’t enough, you will receive push notifications in real time from Crossroads team leaders!

We haven’t figured out how to program this app to open your garage door, walk your dog or mow the lawn, but we think you’ll enjoy the features we have so far!