Becky is the Founder of Wings International in Hong Kong.

The Vision of Wings International

Wings International is a Christian non-profit organization with the purpose of meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of children who namely have come from desperate life situations- providing them with hope for both their present and future.

Giving children SHOES TO RUN and WINGS TO FLYBeck-Blanchard-2

SHOES – Helping to provide underprivileged children and orphans of Asia with the common necessities of life (food, housing, clothing, nutrition, etc.) as well as educational opportunities to provide them with the right footing in life.

WINGS – As only Jesus can give them wings to fly, our aim is to provide children with the spiritual support needed to discover their God-given potential and purpose in life- so they can truly soar. This includes Children’s discipleship teaching, counseling, healing and the like.

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