Winner of the 1996 Gold Medallion Award

Few are better than Yancey in providing answers that can soothe a faith that’s almost been shattered. (Chuck Swindoll)
This is, hands down, the best treatment on the subject of the problem of pain that I have ever read. (Editor)

This powerful book by award winning author Philip Yancey is a must read for any Christian who has suffered setback and disappointment on the journey of life.

“Where Yancey’s  “Where Is God When It Hurts” deals more with physical pain, “Disappointment With God” deals with the emotional and mental side of the problem. Every human being at one time or another will deal with this issue, to some degree. Why does God seem distant when we need to feel Him most? Why do bad things happen if He loves us? How come He was so present and vocal in the Bible, but not today? Is God fair? I only want a sign, a small sign; why doesn’t He answer? Hard questions such as these plague everyone’s mind at some time, and often drive a wedge in a person’s faith. Does God care?
Yancey uses the book of Job in a way that many of us may never have seen to present God’s case. He gives gentle answers; very important and human answers to these very human questions and hurts. He doesn’t pretend to know all the answers and he refuses to give any canned or cliched replies. But he does give his best, and his best is remarkably worthy. You can see that Yancey himself has struggled greatly with these issues, and his empathy and experience show. If you’ve ever dealt with these questions, with the disappointment with God to any degree, or if you know someone who has, you must read this book.” (Amazon Reviewer)

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