Here is a book  that stirred my heart and had me reaching for the highlighter with virtually every paragraph I read.  Author Bill Johnson taps into the the heart of God for this generation, laying out Word based strategies for turning our culture right side up. This man is so full of wisdom and understanding about the things of God, it’s uncanny. A great read!

Bill Johnson of Bethel

Author and Pastor Bill Johnson

I am an avid reader. I read every good book I can get my hands on. But this book is different. I has the power to open up a new realm of existence. To tear down the old way of thinking and give you permission to live the good life God intended us to have. Deep down we all crave and hunger for the good life, for good things. But through years of mans tradition we somehow think we are serving the Lord through being defeated, poor and beneath. I am so happy to say that God’s Master Plan is very different. Don’t take my word for it! Get the book, and then don’t take his word for it, but open up the Bible and you will be surprised what you find. Do it for you, for your kids and generations after you. You have that responsibility. (sparkling_rubies, Amazon Reviewer)