This is a powerful, well documented and beautifully written book on the plight of women worldwide. The characters on this book will sweep you off your feet. The message will change your life. Warning: if you read it you will undergo a gut-wrenching heart change!half the sky

My book club chose Half the Sky to read and it is an outstanding book! It is not an easy read because it is very descriptive about what women around the world experience in their day-to-day lives. The cruelty and selfishness inflicted on so many women is absolutely horrific. After ready this book, our club decided that this is a book meant to be shared so we chose to give our books to friends with the request that they pass it along and the book is continually passed on to others. It made a profound impact on me and my book club and we have chosen to do away with hostess gifts and, instead, contribute money per meeting and donate it to our charity of choice. Every little bit we can do it helpful to those less fortunate and experience treatment that is still hard to imagine even after reading Half the Sky. Excellent, excellent book! (Catherine Usher, Amazon reviewer)