A Classic On Time Management For The “Called” Person

“Other than the Bible, Ordering Your Private World has been the most influential book on my life and I read it (or reread favorite parts) at least once per year. All five sections of this book have influenced my life for the better: motivation, use of time, wisdom and knowledge, spiritual strength, and restoration.

MacDonald starts out by dealing with our motivation in how we use our time. He contrasts the life of the driven person with the life of the person who is called – and share distinct things about their life that you will notice. For example, a driven person is preoccupied with acquiring the symbols of accomplishment – while the called person focuses on good stewardship of what they have.

Once MacDonald deals with the differences between being driven & called, he deals with the use of time and shares some symptoms of poor time management. One of the most practical sections of the book, “MacDonald’s Laws of Un-seized Time” follows these symptoms – as the reader is shown how to budget their time for good use. Once that you see how to recapture the use of your time and control it – Gordon then discusses the last three sections – on wisdom and knowledge, spiritual strength, and restoration.” (Anonymous Amazon Reviewer)

Quote from the book: 

If my private world is in order, it will be because I am convinced that the inner world of the spiritual must govern the outer world of activity.