Amy threw off the comforts of home, packed her two children, and set off to evangelize America, at a time when women could not even vote, and a woman preacher was unheard-of, and in some quarters even unthinkable.

From the very first page, Epstein won me over with his hypnotic style of writing. I couldn’t put it down. Two thumbs way up. This is an amazing biography of an amazing woman of God. Aimee Semple McPherson was a Titan of the Christian Faith. This one woman did more to impact her generation for Christ than perhaps anyone in modern times—and yet present day versions of Christian history completely ignore her contribution.  Daniel Mark Epstein brought this precious treasure out of the church attic and into the full light of day for me. I love what I saw. When I was finished, I wanted to read it again.(John Nielsen of The Crossroads Review)

Author/Biographer Daniel Mark Epstein

“If you have ever contemplated writing a biography, this book provides a model of biography-writing at its finest.” (Amazon Reviewer)

Powerhouse biography of perhaps the most charismatic and controversial woman in modern religious history. Although now less than a household name, Aimee Semple McPherson dominated the American spiritual landscape of six or seven decades ago…The author seems to have gathered every scrap of material on McPherson, including such odd items as her surreptitious friendship with atheist Charlie Chaplin and her kind words to a teenaged Anthony Quinn, who played saxophone at her Temple. Epstein never skimps on details, whether limning McPherson’s triumphs or her many falls–into depression, nervous breakdowns, loneliness…The author’s admiration and his subject’s breathtaking story give the narrative abundant energy.(From Kirkus Reviews)

“I am not a healer. Jesus is the healer. I am only the office girl who opens the door and says, ‘Come in.’ ” (Aimee Semple McPherson)

First and foremost, Sister Aimee was a passionate Evangelist.  Born into a Salvation Army family and baptized in the Holy Spirit during the Azusa Street awakening, she was committed to bringing the whole Gospel to the whole world working with the whole Body of Christ. She refused to be boxed in by denominational loyalties. She had a passionate love for Jesus and for people. Tens of thousands of men women and children—blind, the deaf,  the lame,  were healed when she prayed for them. Reporters from the biggest newspapers across the country attested to the authenticity of her healing ministry.

According to Wikipedia:

“McPherson’s articulation of the United States as a nation founded and sustained by divine inspiration continues to be echoed by many pastors in churches today…McPherson’s preaching style, extensive charity work and ecumenical contributions were a major influence in revitalization of American Evangelical Christianity in the 20th century.”

A quote from the book…

“It happened not in the misty, nebulous long ago, to white robed men and women in a time that we cannot quite visualize as ever having had reality, but to children and men and women who had street addresses and telephone numbers, who came in automobiles and not on camel-back by caravan, as it was said they did long ago. The blind saw again; the deaf heard. Cripples left their crutches and hung them on the rafters.” (Louise Weick, The San Francisco Chronicle, 1921)

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