“In The GRAVE ROBBER, Pastor and author Mark Batterson does it again. He offers up the stories of life and faith and miracles in a way that increases the reader’s faith in the One from whom all good gifts come. He introduces Jesus, the miracle worker, in a personal and powerful way. “When [Jesus] walked out of the tomb under His own power, the word impossible was erased from our vocabulary.” This is the God of the impossible.

The Grave Robber is a celebration of the impossible. As Mark says, “Sometimes God shows up. Sometimes God shows off.” When people ask me how can they see God “show up” in great power I tell them to serve in places of great need. This book fully displays God’s power, love, and miracles among people of great need; us. Mark focuses our attention on seven miracles that Jesus performed and wraps dozens of real life stories and miracles around them.

A terrific read. It stirred my faith and challenged me with the life-changing question, ‘Do you believe this?'” (Amazon Reviewer Jeffrey E. Ellis)

Opening excerpt from the book:

“For nearly thirty years, the One who had crafted the universe with His voice crafted furniture with His hands. And He was good at what He did—no crooked table legs ever came out of the carpenter shop in Nazareth. But Jesus was more than a master carpenter. He was also God incognito. His miraculous powers rank as history’s best kept secret for nearly three decades, but all that changed the day water blushed in the face of it’s creator…”