Nancy PearcyOne of the Most Important Books You Will Ever Read

How can Christians effectively engage the post-modern world? How can we as Christians make sense of all that is going on around us in our ever changing culture? This book has the answers to these and a thousand more questions. This is a MUST READ for every thinking Christian. I know of no other book that will so thoroughly educate, equip and inspire you to make a difference as this one does. I couldn’t put Total Truth down. It transformed my thinking and fine tuned my understanding of Biblical Christian worldview, giving me tools with which to engage the Postmodern world we live in.

Once an agnostic, Pearcey studied violin in Heidelberg, Germany and in the early 1970s went to Switzerland to study Christian worldview under Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri Fellowship. She co-authored “How Now Shall We Live” with Charles Colson. In 2005, Total Truth earned the ECPA Gold Medallion Award in the Christianity & Society category, in addition to an Award of Merit in the Christianity Today book awards.

Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth explains the essence of Christian worldview. While many scholars, including Francis Schaeffer, have extensively discoursed on worldviews, Pearcey communicates these lofty thoughts in an understandable manner. Total Truth is a must read.