The scriptures say to, “Leave those things which are behind and move forward,”(Philippians 3:13). Sadly, many cannot move forward because they don’t get rid of the clutter of sin and mistakes that confuse and weigh them down. It is easy to relive the mistakes and sad things of yesterday that have filled the junk drawer of your mind. I think all of us have at least one junk drawer in their home. That place where you allow an accumulation of things you don’t really need but your afraid to get rid of. Eventually, you reach the place where you’ve got so much junk that you cannot find the stuff you really do need. It is a human trait that we try to hold onto mistakes instead of letting them go.

There are positive things we do need to collect. The scriptures say to meditate on things of Good Report (Philippians 4:8). There is an old children’s song that says, “Accentuate The Positive and Eliminate The Negative.”  I believe that is especially true of our memories. Don’t hold onto old failures and disappointments either in others or yourself.  You cannot afford the accumulation of all that junk in the drawer of your memory. It’s time to clean out that place and only keep the good and the pure and what is acceptable in God’s storehouse for our faith.

Today is a new day. Ask God for forgiveness for all the junk you’ve held onto in your heart and mind. Let it go. It’s not helping you and it is only slowing you down and keeping you from finding the good things God has given. Clean out that drawer! Let us press forward to the high calling for our life and not be weighed down or confused by all that old junk. God has proven His faithfulness to you in the past. Remember those good things and eliminate the junk and hurts. God wants us to have clear thinking and a positive outlook that is scripture based and Christ centered.

Go In Peace Go In Love Go In Victory.

…Pastor Norman Howell, January 2015