Article-pic-1Perhaps the most iconic painting of Christ was depicted in Leonardo Da Vinci’s, The Last Supper in 1520. Its vivid symbolism still moves us today.

Gathered together at the table for The Passover Meal, Christ spoke to His closest friends and shared with them His life and His willingness to sacrifice Himself on their behalf.

Even today how we relate to each other in His Body revolves around that event. Over and over throughout the church worldwide that Passover meal is represented through the elements of bread and wine in remembrance of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice.

All people from every background and culture have that innate craving to come to the table together and share a meal. The art of celebration is a most unique feature of humanity. Not like animals coming merely to devour or sustain ourselves through food but to celebrate life and our need to belong. With Christ at our table it becomes Holy and life transforming.

During the early years of this church we spent more time together with that core group eating then we actually did in services.  For a season of time it was a Wendy’s every Sunday night. That was our upper room, where we would share and break bread and play and laugh and grow as a body. Oh and yes, also have a Frosty! Some nights it would be twenty or more but from that grew a church that today thirty-one years later is still breaking bread. And still celebrating what is most important in our lives. Even in our rich diversity we come together in our basic core value of Christ and His sacrifice and His desire to bring us into, “One Body.”

I remember an entertainer joking that with his luck the one party he missed would be the one where it all breaks loose so he never wanted to miss a party. I feel that way in coming to God’s House and relating with each of you in His Body. Each of you brings something so very special. I will be forever grateful for what I have become because of the texture and flavor of each of you in our lives and the life of The Crossroads.

As this church grows our table must grow. In Mark chapter 8 there was an event where Jesus fed four thousand people. His starting point of provision in this meal was seven loaves of bread and a few small fish. After He blessed them it was distributed and at the end the people were as scripture said, “satisfied.” And they picked up seven large baskets of broken pieces. Even in seeing our, “broken pieces” becoming the multiplied baskets of God’s provision for this generation we can celebrate God’s total provision for us and have true satisfaction. We can trust that there will always be enough for us personally and for His people.

Our coming together at The Crossroads and it’s table of provision revolves around that same Passover meal and that same sacrifice and that same need in our human condition for belonging and sharing life with Christ at the center of our table. As we continue to grow we can also know that there will be provision for all we could ever need. Therefore we give thanks for what He has done and what He continues to do and what He will do tomorrow. Happy Anniversary!

Pastor Norman Howell/ October 2014