Isn’t amazing how when you have a heartfelt dream or miracle in your life how people try and snuff it out? Somehow thinking they have done us a favor in bringing us back into their reality?

So much in life can be the daily routines that feel neither negative nor positive but rather represent daily tasks for living such as bathing, eating, working, exercise, resting. These things and more will always be part of our existence. However, these are things that even animals must do to survive. But God made us in His image and life should also include those epiphanies, those moments when life has a divine nature to it, something that sets us apart from the animal kingdom and positions us into God’s Kingdom.

The raising of Lazarus from the dead was one of the most impactful miracles of Jesus’ ministry on earth. People knew Lazarus. He was a well-known figure in the community and people had been to his funeral. They had buried him. And yet suddenly he was back and the multitudes were astounded. People were coming from far and wide to this phenomenon of returning from the grave.  Sadly though not everyone rejoiced at such a miracle. It says in scripture that the chief priests not only wanted to kill Jesus but they also wanted to kill Lazarus. John 12:9-11.

 Let the anointing of His love be poured out on every miracle in your life and let the fragrance of His love fill our homes, our lives, and our hearts.

When a miracle takes place it always amazes me that not all people rejoice. What sick feature is there inside of humanity that would actually want to snuff out a miracle? And yet, if we were honest, we would have to admit we are not always happy with the success of other people. Sometimes our own sick sinful nature does not rejoice in the wellbeing of those around us because of our own twisted viewpoint on life. Why do we need to be the center of attention instead of rejoicing at someone else’s good fortune at getting a fresh start or new opportunity?

dreamsIf we allow Dream Killers to rule our lives we will lose out on what has been a gift from God, those miracles that visually display God’s love. There is a Protection Plan against the tactics of the killers of life. As Jesus reclined at the table, (John 12: 2-3) it was Mary and Martha who ministered to Jesus before His betrayal by preparing Him a meal and by anointing Jesus with a costly perfume. Mary applied a whole pound of it! Lazarus who was a recipient of the miracle of resurrection power was also at the table. It goes on to say that the fragrance, “Filled the House.”

Let the anointing of His love be poured out on every miracle in your life and let the fragrance of His love fill our homes, our lives, and our hearts. That fragrance of Love will offer us protection from all the lies and theft that the enemy would try to inflict upon those who dare to dream, those who dare to receive the miracles of God’s power. Don’t let anyone rob you of your miracle! Let the oil of His gladness and the sweet aroma of His love fill us and give us a hedge of protection against the lies of hell. We are not animals. We are God’s anointed generation called by His name. Go In Peace, Go In love, Go In Victory.

Pastor Norman Howell/ December 2014