The Joy of Christmas celebration held at the Crossroads on Sunday, December 20th, was a wonder to behold. It opened with worship, led by Gabe Valdez, that was out of this world, tapping into the joy and reverence of the Christmas story. Some other highlights:

  • The “Sticky Jesus” skit that caused us to laugh then draw back and ponder the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Pastor Sandra shared an insightful homily contrasting the Christmas tree, which only brings attention to itself, and the Fruit tree, which exists to nourish others.
  • The heavens were opened as Ayesha McCaulley lifted her angelic voice in chorus.
  • The Crossroads Youth Dance Production was a powerful demonstration of unity and excellence, bringing glory to the Light of the world.
  • A video presentation connecting the Nativity story to our times featuring and inside look at Joseph & Mary’s Facebook posts as the narrative unfolded.
  • The Crossroads children marched up on stage in layered rows, lifting their voices in unison to “Noel,” “Joy to the World” and “Feliz Navidad.”

Pastor Norman shared from his heart, as he always does, a message of hope and joy. When the service came to a close at 12:59 there was a sense of wonder and joy throughout the sanctuary. What a Savior! What a day!

Feliz Navidad Everybody!