Loving the Children of Mexico, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Founded by  Taide Vizuet, the mission of LCM is to provide holistic charitable assistance to address the physical, spiritual and academic needs of the economically disadvantaged children living in Nuevo Larado, Mexico. They seek to fulfill their mission by

  • Providing food, clothing, educational materials and supplies, and financial assistance to needy Mexican children and their families.
  • Funding grants to Mexican organizations whose mission and programs align with LCM’s charitable purpose.

casa alegriaOur Goal

Our goal is to provide assistance for the 45 children participating in Casa Alegria, located in Nuevo Laredo. In partnership with Casa Alegria we seek to:

  • Provide a safe after school environment where the children can play and learn.
  • Serve a nutritious,  warm meal prepared on site.
  • Offer daily Bible education classes  to strengthen their spiritual foundation.
  • Safely transport the children from their neighborhood to Casa Alegria.
  • Provide homework assistance to ensure success in the classroom.

More About The Need

Children deserve the opportunity to live happy, healthy lives in a safe, loving environment. Yet not all children are this fortunate.

This is the case for many of the children in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, where the poverty rate is at 45%.

Nuevo Laredo also has one of the lowest education attainment rates amongst cities on the US-Mexico border. With the recent increase in crime and drug related violence in Nuevo Laredo, the economic conditions continue to deteriorate. Many of these children live in extreme poverty conditions

LCM is partnering with Casa Alegria to achieve its mission. Casa Alegria has over 22 years of experience serving children from the most impoverished neighborhoods of Nuevo Laredo. The Casa Alegria children excel academically, are ranked first in their classroom, and go on to complete their schooling. In fact, many of the first children participating at Casa Alegria have graduated from college and work in their professions. They have returned to help provide a similar path of hope for younger ones.