This Is A Song Birthed In Spontaneous Worship

Pastor Norman was very busy that Wednesday — very busy. He was so busy that he realized he hadn’t had the time to prepare his message for the prayer service he and the congregation were going to have that evening. In the hour prior to the service, Pastor Norman turned to one of his workers, John, and said, “I just haven’t had the time to get ready with everything that’s been going on.” But just as he was walking across the parking lot back to the church, the Lord spoke a word to him: living stones. In obedience, he grabbed two small buckets and had John help him pick up 100 stones from around the property. Pastor Norman believed he had heard from God and acted on it.

It was only moments later that service began — people had already been walking through the door. Pastor Norman opened his Bible to 1st Peter 2:5 and stood before the congregation. He said, “We have come to the living stone, our cornerstone, Jesus Christ. We are chosen and precious in his sight. Each one of us he calls a living stone — with our unique giftings we come together to build his church.

As we gather in times like these in fasting and prayer, we become a spiritual offering acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. In the days to come, we will be reminded of this truth. Tonight, we invite you to come and take a stone — a “remembrance stone.”. At the end of prayer, Pastor Norman was collecting his things to leave for the evening when a small child walked up to him and said, “Look Pastor, I have my stone.” Pastor Norman chuckled at this presentation, believing the young boy had taken the stone from the altar. “Wow,” said the Pastor, “that’s awesome son! Be sure to take another home to your father so that he can have one too!” At this, the mother came around and joined the conversation with a smile on her face. She said, “No Pastor, you need to hear this.” The mother began to explain what had happened moments before she and her three-year-old son walked into the church. She said, “It was the strangest thing. As we were walking into the church, my son picked up a rock and asked if he could take it inside. I told him, ‘No, we aren’t taking rocks to church — leave it there.’ But he insisted on having it! He said, ‘But I want this rock for church,’ so I let him keep it. I told him, ‘Be sure to keep it in your pocket and leave it there and don’t play with it.’ He just had to have his church rock.”

Pastor Norman laughed, said goodbye to the boy and his mother, and sat down for a moment to reflect on the day and the story he had just heard. He was astonished that God had sent the littlest of messengers to confirm to him that he had heard the message from God correctly — a young boy who just had to have his “church rock” for the evening prayer. The Pastor went home that night amused and rested well knowing that God was taking care of everything and that if He wanted to say something, He would use anything, even a three-year-old with a rock.