Today’s Global Market is a 24/7 behemoth that will chew up the faint of heart. Being able to anticipate the next great wave or shift in economic strategy takes not only great wisdom but almost a soothsayers capacity towards tomorrow’s needs of humanity. In fact we sometimes laugh at our inability to prognosticate by showing some monkey or pig or some other simple creature who makes the pick for the next Super Bowl or where the Dow Jones might end up mañana.

With that in mind and the razor thin profit margins between global competitors, an online shopping giant, AMAZON, has patented an amazing new concept, “ANTICIPATORY SHIPPING.” The concept is to do what might seem at first glance to be very dangerous for a company, to start shipping your product to you even before you have ordered it. Much like a fast food restaurant might start frying hamburger patties in anticipation of the lunch hour rush. But this goes much farther in actually shipping you something you have not already purchased. This has evolved  through the use of Algorithms. Wikipedia tells us In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm (i/ˈælɡərɪðəm/ al-gə-ri-dhəm) is a step-by-step procedure for calculations. Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning.

So sure are they of their customers buying habits that the day might come where your package will arrive at the moment your order is just being placed or even before you realized you needed to order such and such product. Yes even before you thought about it, it arrives.

Certainly a Brave New World but also thorny complex issues as to intent or responsibility on both buyer and seller. Actually though, this is really nothing new. In fact, doesn’t the Bible say that there is, “nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclessiastes1:19)?

Right before the, “Model Prayer” for believers, Jesus told us that, “Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.” Mathew 6:8. In fact, He even says you don’t have to carry on with vain repetition. He, “Gets You” even more than you do! This means though, that you have to have an established account with Him. And as we pray daily and make ourselves available to His will that He will actually set in motion the help we need even before we realize what it is needed.

How absolutely freeing this is for those who have been established in their faith and who choose to depend on the one who has our best interests in mind. Amazon is man made but God is the Alpha and Omega going so far beyond an algorithm. God is Love and His pure love knows no limits. From the beginning of time He saw you and loved you and sent His Son to die on a Cross that you might have life. May God continue to be the one who meets ALL OUR NEEDS according to His Glory. Go In Peace, Go In Love, Go In Victory.

…Pastor Norman Howell / February 2014