Each day a myriad of voices clamor for our attention. In fact the voices are so numerous that we sometimes feel like we have lost our own voice. Either with family or on the job or in just feeling like we have the ability to say, hey…. I am here. And yet the harder we try and make our own way or shout louder, the more frustrated and tired we become. During this season of festivity but also this season of “Glad Tidings”  we must learn how best to express a voice that counts and one that has sufficient weight and timber that it does not get lost.

The Psalmist said, “THE VOICE OF THE LORD IS POWERFUL, THE VOICE OF THE LORD IS MAJESTIC”. Psalm 29:4  As believers we contend that God is in us & that through faith in Jesus Christ we have a, “spark of the divine.” Sadly though, very few believers learn to exercise that voice. The Psalm goes on to say that the, “the voice of the Lord hews out flames of fire” and the voice of the Lord, “shakes the wilderness.” My earthly father, George Howell landed in a huge armada on the Island of Okinawa in WWII; to root out the enemy they were forced to use a flame thrower to either force their enemy to surrender or to burn them out of the caves and bunkers. A horrific and tedious work but against a determined enemy the weapons used had to be powerful to bring change.

Today our weapons are not carnal ones. We don’t fight with people with the Old Testament idea of an eye for an eye. But rather we fight through love. We must be as spiritually lethal as my father was with that flame thrower. In Psalm. 28:1 David said, “If you are silent to me I will become like those who go down to the pit.” Do you feel today like your are in a pit? That you can’t be heard and that the other voices are burying you? If that is the case then now is the time for the, “Voice of God,” that POWERFUL VOICE to be heard. The voice of the Lord can shake the wilderness around you but YOU must exercise that voice.

Psalm. 29:9 “The voice of the Lord makes the deer calve and strips the forest bare; and in His temple everything says GLORY.”

Today and throughout this Christmas season let us use our “God Voice” to declare the Glory of the Lord in the temple that is our body. Not just stained glass and beautiful steeples but in our mortal flesh that has been clothed with His Glory. Speak His Word, declare His goodness and His mercy to this generation. The people need to hear the Voice of the Lord just as much as you need to hear it for yourself! Let His Majestic voice be heard, Glory to God on High and Peace On Earth Good Will Towards Men.

Pastor Norman Howell / December 2013