But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’ ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh.

Engaged to be married? Congratulations! We at Church of the  Crossroads are rejoicing with you and thankful that God has brought you together to share the joys and blessings of Christian marriage.

The Pastors along with the congregation of the Church of the Crossroads believe that marriage is a holy and sacred gift from God shared between a man and a woman. We are committed to your lifetime success as husband and wife. Experience has taught us that certain principles and guidelines, when followed, will contribute to the benefit of your wedding and marriage.

Your Consultation Appointment

We have established a wedding policy that will ensure that your wedding ceremony will be conducted in a Christlike, orderly and edifying manner. Please carefully read these guidelines listed below. When you are ready to schedule your wedding with us, call Claudia at: 956-727-4774 or email Claudia  ( to set the up your appointment.


Our Wedding Policy


church of the crossroads weddingWeddings will be performed when either the bride or groom is a member in good standing at Church of the Crossroads. If neither the bride nor groom are members, but parents of the bride or groom are members in good standing with COTC, they may upon request receive approval to proceed with their wedding.

Pre-Marital Interview and Counseling

When you have met the membership requirement your next step will be to meet with the pastors or members of the pastoral staff for an initial Prenuptial Counseling interview.  The purpose of this interview is to become acquainted, discuss personal background, family history, motivation for the marriage and to lay out the expectations for the prenuptial counseling program. At the conclusion of the interview, the pastors will either approve or disapprove the couple’s request for prenuptial counseling and marriage at Church of the Crossroads. They also need to agree to have a COTC staff minister perform the ceremony. A list of choices will be provided.

Selection of Wedding Date

Apremarital interview, complete wedding application and deposit are required at least six months prior to the ceremony to reserve your date. No dates will be made during holidays or conflicting with regularly scheduled services of activities of COTC. (NOTE: No dates should be publicly announced until the preceding steps have been followed and completed.)


Some fees will apply such as: cleaning, sound and lighting, wedding coordination and clerical work. Church of the Crossroads ministers do not charge to perform a ceremony.

Sanctuary Wedding: $600.00   ~   Offsite Wedding: $200.00  ~  Out of Town Wedding: Special arrangements with minister should be made.